The untouched beauty of the area and the way of life of the people of Tzoumerka is the magnet for those who want to be not just tourists but travelers in the area and to experience their habits and the hidden beauties of the region.

We will start our day from Ioannina and we will make our first stop at the fallen but still proud Bridge of Plaka that is a really historic monument with really long history behind it. After having coffee, we will pass through Katarraktis Village where we will admire the twin beautiful waterfalls during the Spring time. We continue for Voulgareli Village for tsipouro (local alcohol) in the village and a short stop. We start ascending to Theodoriana Village at the foot of the Kostilata the southern summit of Tzoumerka. We explore the village and we climb up higher on a harder road to the Souda waterfalls. We prepare ourselves and we leave the cars. After half hour of hiking, we are in front of the incredible scenery, the waterfalls “hidden from the civilization” give in the southern part of Tzoumerka a splendid touch. We explore the area and relax with the sound of the water. Those who feel empowered can enjoy a frozen … experience.


After enjoying and relaxing in the area, we take the difficult road to Melissourgous Village. We climb to the mountain fields of Tzoumerka Area where for years the local herdsmen were spending their summer months with their herds making the delicacies of the Tzoumerka Area Mountains. After two hours of an incredible alpine journey, we arrive at Melissourgous Village and in a few kilometers we stop at Pramanta Village for food that only the Tzoumerkans know how to cook (Horizons of Tzoumerka, Pramanta square). From here we have time for a hike to the mountain refuge in the beautiful forest under Strongoula and the waterfalls of Kefalovrysos on the northern summit of Tzoumerka. We can visit the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi and the cave of Katsantonis.


After that We take the way back to Ioannina City finishing our day by meeting a part of Epirus Region with a unique beauty that combines any visitors desire. We circulated Tzoumerka and we enjoyed their pride Arachthos River from above, we got what we could get in one day, and every visitor could make an appointment with this region for more experiences, having the first images that will be engraved in his mind for long time …