Getting to know the Lord (Smolikas), the second by the east mountain of the country, with the most be stunning view (Aoos Valley) and the famous Drakolimni (Dragonlake) with heart shape.

Everything looks different when you observe them from 2.637m altitude and the Lord allows us to have a relatively easy approach to the country’s second tallest mountain.


We start from Ioannina and after 1.5 hours we arrive at the Pades Village through Konitsa. Easy road and we get a first taste of Aoos Valley. Coffee in the beautiful Mounti Smolikas in the village square and departure for the highlands. Approximately one hour of ascending until the end of the road just before the alpine topic. Preparation and after 1.5 hours of easy hiking, we see the lake at the base of the Smolikas Pyramid, at 2,160 m with the prehistoric alpine tritons. An amazing view that pays you back for your decision. The beautiful Tymphi Mountain Range spreads out in front of you with a view that you can only see it by here.


At this point if it’s desired by the team we can reach the peak in 1.5 hours from the lake (total 3.5 hours with the appropriate equipment).


We return to Pades Village for relaxation and food at the “Anasas Ontas”, at the wonderful native mountain people Nikos & Sofi who give life to this wonderful place. Our return begins by passing the Aoos River by the eastern side of Tymphis Mountain Range. After passing Vrisochori Village and if there is enough time we visit Iliochori Village, and then we can visit the waterfalls “Balta di Striga” with a short half hour hike.


Next stop is Giftokampos, we get to know the life of Sarakatsans when they were still living in the theme park. The end of the route compensates us because we are passing between the most beautiful Zagorohoria Villages from Skamneli to Kapesovo and Dilofo and we even have the opportunity to visit them. The unseen side of the Aoos Valley has given us an unforgettable experience at the end of the day, and now we can understand why Smolikas Mountain and Tymphi Mountain Range are playing so important role in this incredible natures work in Aoos Valley.!