The word Karpenissi means “covered with snow” and is a destination for those who want to spend beautiful and carelessly holidays for a few days. But almost no one knows that here exists the most unique and particular beauty’s Canyon in Greece.

Its access is quite difficult and consists of 2 hours of difficult dirt road from Megalo Horio Village  to the Canyon crossing the Kalliakouda Mountain (2.101m). Access by foot requires passing a river and one hour hike. The result is immersive, fascination of the waters. No words can be written in order to make you feel and understand what your eyes will face!


We return from Prousos Village and the Springs of Mavri Spilia (Black Cave). From here we can visit the Monastery of Panagia Proussiotissa and we are returning  to the villages of the Karpenissiotis River Valley. Also this excursion needs one or two nights in one of the areas hostels and needs to been scheduled.