Starting from Ioannina, we have the opportunity to take a day trip and introduce you to the beauty of the mountain of Gods. The World Famous and also the  tallest mountain of Greece: Mount Olympus.

This trip is aiming in people who want to experience the peak of Olympus, but it’s for people with limited time and mountaineering possibilities.


Access is from the NW side, Elassona Village – Kalyvia Village to Christakis Mountain refuge (2,500m), from there  in short time (3 hours) and with the appropriate equipment it is possible to approach the Summit of Mytikas (2,918m). The total altitude difference is 420m and the distance to Mytikas Summit is 2,500m. Of course, on the return to the mountain refuge there is BBQ and tsipouro (local alcohol) waiting us.


You will enjoy the majestic view and you will feel like “Small Gods” that in one day you succeeded what you thought you would never manage to do. We “lowered” the peak of Olympus for you and we return to Ioannina with the memories of a really incredible day …