Entering to the natural brown bear landscape!!

We hike to Arkoudorema and we get to know Valia Calda (Valia Calda) and the beauties of the core of the North Pindos National Park. Our excursion starts from Egnatia Street and after leaving Metsovo we head to Aoos Springs lake to make our first stop in the unique natural lake in Greece with wild water lilies.


We start with Perivoli. We pass by Vovousa, the last of Zagorohoria, with the beautiful stone bridge that is been used even nowadays. From Perivolli we slowly enter to the forest core and what we can see at the first moment is preparing us for what is going to follow!


We arrive at Stavros and we slowly descend to the “warm valley”. The sight is breathtaking. You think you’re in a processed frame but you’re in the actual hug of Valia Calda.
We pass the warm river and we reach to the mainlands of the Valley. We can make a easy hike to the Salukorema or the Salatouras stream. A small BBQ with Tsipouraki (local alcohol) and we start for the plateau of Baltses. The Great Black Pine Trees give their place to the huge Robola trees (Pinus Heldreichii) that they trying to survive amongst the heavy thunderstorms of the area of Mavrovouni. After We descend for exiting Valia Calda on the side of Krania and go for a meal at the beautiful “Pindos Resort” where Babis and Sofi are waiting with their wonderful food. Babis and Sofi are actually our place to be in order to taste the amazing food of the region.


We are returning from Metsovo, in order to make a stop on its beautiful square for coffee and shopping and we go back to Ioannina city to make a review of the day and to understand why visiting of Valia Calda is a destination for people who love the untouched environment and its different landscape that refers to other times. We are more than sure that you will feel perfect about your decision to visit the National Park of Valia Calda!


Alternatively, instead of the Baltses Plateau, we can visit the Flegga Lakes with a slight configuration of our program, where we need about 1.5 hours of hiking from Aoos Lake to Flegga Lakes.