A visit to Agrafa region is  itself an adventure. From any area that you will try to  approach them,  the view of the dense and steep peaks let’s you understand how difficult would be the movement.

This excursion requires one to two nights in the area to visit the main sights. The options are few but beautiful. Beautiful guest houses (Panorama) and simple but incredibly tasty cuisine. By here we are starting to approach the incredible Asprorema canyon, the route is between 3-6 hours of hiking through difficult paths carved into the mountain, by hike and swimming in the river, waterfalls and dense Forrest passages. It is recommended for those who want to experience the wild beauty of Agrafa Area.


On the contrary, we need a lot less time to go to the small Pantavrechei of Agrafa Area, the hole of Oskliani that we meet after 1.5 hours of hiking to Epiniana. We can customize the tour in order to visit any other sightseeing. Our return can also be made from Plastiras Lake we can enjoy its beauties by traveling peripherally so we can experience its largest part. Agrafa Area is difficult to get covered in one or two days trip but let’s see her best spots and leave the rest for another trip!