Visiting the first springs of Acheloos (Verligga) that Acheloides use to love and meet the beauties of the valley of Aspropotamos River.

Traveling on the Ionian Highway and when you cross the Acheloos bridge you can not imagine that for thousands of years countless generations loved this river as a god and father of all the rivers.
So we need to go 220km back to its Springs in order to understand the reason it was beloved..


From Ioannina we are driving in Egnatia Highway and before Metsovo we head to Anilio. We ascend to the passage of Anilio for the valley of Aspropotamos. We overlook the beautiful Lakmos Mountain that through his sharp peaks feeds this wonderful valley with its crystal clear waters. This is where Aspropotamos River (Acheloos) is born.


We take a coffee in the Haliki square coffee shop and then we drive up the lakes to meet the beautiful Verligga or Brigga. After a moderate drive of 1.5 hours, we reach to the fields of Tsoukarela (2.295m) and with easy access we can see the beautiful Verligga. The Rock formations of Lakmos created these springs at 2,050m. This is the beauty of Verligga! Its extraordinary shapes and the altitude of the spring make it so special that Acheloides loved it. The most famous alpine plateau of our country is laying in our feet. At the end of the Meandering formations of incredible beauty, the waters take their way to Aspropotamos River.
Around us the fields are covered with a purple carpet of saffron. When we relish the landscape, we slowly descend to Haliki. We enter the valley of Aspropotamos and visit the Holy Cross Temple of Doliana. We start towards Tzoumerka area. From Anthousa we ascend to the passage of Barous (2,000m) and we pass on another incredible part of Epirus Region. The northern peak of Tzoumerka, Strongoula, greets us straight! We descend to Kalarrites Village and visit the Kouiasa Pouliana Watermill and the very special Kipina Monastery.


We stop at the beautiful Siraco Village for food and we get to know and meet one of the largest trading centers of the 19th century. As long as we are greeted by the day we take the way back to Egnatia Highway and Ioannina City. We are sure that this experience is going to fill your “tanks” for long time and will make you feel as if we have made several excursions together …