Our activities are mixed and they mix tours that we are hiking (1,5-3hours) and off-road parts 40% more or less, we are also visiting the most important sites of each  area and also are  included coffee food local alcohol and beverages in the most exquisite haunts of the area.


Our day starts and finishes in Ioannina City according to the program of the day. We can serve 20 People.Ideally we can split in our cars 4-5 persons on each car.


Our basic daily tours are:


• Valia Calda

• Smolikas

• Acheloos springs – Verligga

• Tzoumerka

• Mt. Grammos

• Mt. Olympus

• Agrafa region

• Pantavrechei


In Agrafa & Pantavrehei tours we need to stay at least overnight in a local resorts. We could also combine two or three routes if it’s desired with overnight stays again and local resorts in between the areas that we are visiting.


Tours on other places can also happen after arrangement. We are also offering tours and  the opportunity to anyone that wants to do professional photo shootings ,events  or even club activities to support