Make the ultimate trip in the mountains of Pindus. Escape from everyday life and discover the beauty of the magnificent mountain range of the country that holds your images will never forget.

From Drakolimni of Grammos until Pantevrechei of Karpenisi in a virgin environment with alternating mountains, valleys, rivers and beautiful villages, discover the most beautiful destinations through our scheduled tours or make your own and for your group of friends.

Get to know our national parks, become travelers by entering the daily life of the people of each area, knowing their customs and habits.

Make of walking in Drakolimnes, peaks, gorges and rivers, visit bridges and traditional settlements, collect mushrooms with us in the best mushroom sites and have fun at the events we will encounter on each trip. The movement is done with our 4 X 4 based in Ioannina, but can participate group of friends with their own properly equipped vehicles can also participate.

The excursions are suitable for everyone and for children. The purpose is to introduce the beauties of our mountains to all those who want something different, giving them the opportunity this to do.

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